Vertical Elevator Solutions, Inc.
CA C-11 License #964232

Vertical Elevator Solutions, Inc.

A family owned and operated, union elevator company that maintains, and services commercial elevators. When calling our company you will not be pressured by any salesman as we do not have any, instead you will be directed to one of the owners with your inquiry. We strive to keep our customers happy, treat them with respect, make all communications in a timely, clear and professional manner, do our best to resolve any complaints quickly and fairly, and provide quality workmanship at a mutually agreed upon price. 

Fully Licensed, Bonded &  Insured. We also carry a
CQCC certification (Certified Qualified Conveyance Company) and Confined Spaces certification.

 Maintenance and Repair:

With over 30 years of experience maintaining all types of equipment. We can maintain and repair your existing elevator equipment and provide solutions to current and potential problems to ensure your elevator and /or lift is working safely and is meeting all the demands of your customers.


We can assess your existing equipment, and whenever possible, make recommendations to update your equipment.
This can be done in many degrees ranging from simple changes to a complete modernization involving such things as: new controllers, fixtures, wiring and door operating systems.
By adding new equipment to your existing equipment we can bring elevators into compliance with all applicable codes, help you meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); increase elevator operational efficiency and performance, and extend the life of your equipment, your investment.
We furnish and install only Non-Proprietary equipment. A very important fact when deciding on an elevator company since using Proprietary equipment can lock you into using only that particular company that can service and maintain that particular equipment. With Non-proprietary any elevator company can work on it.

               NO CHARGE!

*Now accepting Bank Transfers and Credit Card payments with all emailed invoices.